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Understanding Hardwood Floor Options

Most people like hardwood flooring because it gives their home or office a warm feeling. If you want to install hardwood floor, you should take your time to learn as much as possible about the available varieties. different from tiles and typical carpets, hardwood flooring can last up to a hundred years with proper maintenance. When your hardwood flooring is damaged, scratched or stained, there are several maintenance practices that can fix the problem. It is possible to make it look as beautiful as new by refinishing, sanding, repairing or re-coating it. Hardwood floor tiles are available in different designs and colors that could complement different house design ideas. Apart from these benefits, the hardwood floor improves the resale value of your home.

Type Of Hardwood

It is quite easy to find just the right hardwood type for your home. Ensure you consider different variations in color, grains, and species when buying hardwood flooring. You should note that apart from the walls, the floor will be the next largest surface to display the pattern of your home. It is advisable to ensure that your preferred hardwood species matches the color, design, fabric, furnishings and house accessories. You should consider using the dark colors for the old house designs and the light varieties for the contemporary house styles.


Observe the natural features of the hardwood floor you are about to choose. Most hardwoods have a unique grain pattern, grey or black marks and natural knots of varying sizes. These features are determined by the climate, soil type, and the growth process of each hardwood species. You can see signs of different minerals in the form of black lines, streaks and special grains. To ensure you choose a good hardwood flooring, pay attention to these key features.


The key characteristics described above help in grading or rating of the hardwood floor. Those that show only a few of these features fall in the clear grade. Wood styles vary from planks, strips, parquet among other tile options. It is also essential to buy different finishes that complement the style of your house.


Many of the hardwood tiles available in the market can resist wear and tear under normal use. This does not, however, mean that the tiles will not sustain dents. Some wood cells are soft and weaker than others, and this could result in a few dents over time. Therefore, you need to avoid dropping things on the floor because this could lead to damages. It is crucial to observe the recommended maintenance practices for the floor to maintain the natural look.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will choose the right hardwood floor and enjoy the outcome of your investment. We hope that this article has been helpful and we encourage you to share the tips with others looking for hardwood flooring.

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