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The 1960s is actually the age of fashion modernization and innovation for females and their fashion include extreme and groovy style and design that starts from the early 1960 up to the end of the decade. Even in the past, the people especially the women have their very own fashion icon, like for example in the 1960 the one they idolize is one of the wives of the former American president, as well as, female celebrities. Some of the common fashion clothes they wore in the year 1960 include shapeless shift dresses, funky tights and pantyhose, low heel and flat shoes, slim fit pants, tailored suit dresses, babydoll clothing, button-down shirts, chunky knit sweaters, turtlenecks, pencil skirts and mini-skirts in plaids, blue jeans, fringe, ethnic clothing, tall socks in different colors and stockings, shoes and boots made from vinyl, pantsuits, jax pants, bell bottoms, and stirrup pants. The hairstyles in the year 1960 include long straight hairstyle, short bobbed hair, and curls; and some of the accessories they used in the year 1960 include rectangular small bags with shoulder straps or short handles, pop art jewelry, and the most popular of all is the pillbox hat. The pillbox hat is described as a small hat that is designed specifically for women and it include no brim, straight and upright sides, and flat crown. The said hat was named as pillbox because its design is as similar with the hexagonal or cylindrical shape of the cases where the pills are being stored and sold in during that year. In the past the pillbox hat was used as a headgear for militaries, but it has become a fashion hat for women in the said decade.

The fashion industry today is actually reliving the fashion in the past, and one of their favorites is the ones in the year 1960. There are a lot of online sellers and manufacturers of the fashion clothing and accessories in the 1960s, but the most popular hat store that sells 1960s hats, especially the pillbox hat, is the one that is located in New York. The one who owns the said hat store adores the 1960s look, especially the matchy-matchy style. It is a fact that fashion is always changing as time passes by, and the owner of the online hat store also believes that. The ones who love the 1960s fashion are the ones who loves to coordinate their outfit, especially the color. The owner of the online hat store also believes that the people who loves to wear vintage outfits tends to find pieces that are unique and are made beautifully, which is why her store is on the top of the list of the vintage lovers. In this modern day and age, the people who are mostly wearing vintage outfit are pairing their outfit with modern accessories. Some of the 1960s hats designed by the said online hat store include savoir faire, Parisian panache, summer breeze, vintage love, tip top, social butterfly, Hollywood glamour, rose roulade, maximum mod, lovely lace, sensuous swan, irresistible iris, and perfect pillbox. The people may purchase the products of the said hat store through her website.

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