7 simple steps to prevent Covid-19

1. Physical distancing

WHO has officially changed the phrase social distancing to physical distancing. The phrase physical distancing is more appropriate because it is not intended to maintain social distance, but rather to maintain physical distance. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others.

Because too close a distance allows you to inhale drops of water from the nose or mouth of someone who might be infected with Covid-19 when he sneezes or coughs.

2. Routine hand washing

If before, you only wash your hands with water, then stop the habit. Routinely wash your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you clean your entire hand, including your fingers, between your fingers, and also the tips of your nails. If there is no soap and water, then you can use a hand sanitizer that contains about 60% alcohol. Washing your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers can help kill the viruses in your hands.

3. Avoid holding eyes, nose and mouth

It’s not an easy matter to not hold what’s in the face because it has become a habit every day for most people. However, to protect yourself from the new corona virus, avoid holding your eyes, nose, and mouth.

This is not without reason, because the hands generally touch many surfaces that may have a virus. After the virus is attached to the hand, the hand can move the virus to the eyes, nose or mouth when you touch it. From there, the virus enters the body and causes you pain.

4. When sneezing and coughing, don’t forget to close it

When sneezing and coughing, people generally reflexively close their hands. Even though it was the wrong thing. Cover using the inner elbow because the area is rarely touched, thereby reducing the risk of transmission of the virus. In addition to using the inner elbows, you can also use a tissue, but make sure to dispose of the traces immediately in the trash.

5. Stay at home

Even though you don’t feel any symptoms, you can be a carrier and transmit the corona virus to other people. When the virus infects people whose immune systems are weak, it can cause Covid-19. Therefore, an appeal to keep #stayathome is also being promoted as an effort to prevent the spread of the new corona virus. Even the President also asked people to study at home, work at home, and worship at home.

6. Clean surfaces that are frequently touched

Clean surfaces most frequently touched, such as tables, door handles, keyboards, toilets, cellphones, water taps, and others using disinfectants. If the surface is dirty, then before disinfection, clean it first with detergent or soap and water. Disinfectant is believed to kill viruses that stick to the surface.

7. Find out accurate information about Covid-19

It is important to find accurate information about the development of Covid-19. Follow the advice given by health care providers on how to protect yourself and others from the disease. This helps you to be more alert and understand what should be done in the middle of this pandemic.

Look for news that doesn’t give a negative stigma. This can also help break the Covid-19 chain.