types of exercise that can be done at home

In the gym, equipment needed for complete exercise. But that does not mean exercising at home can not make you sweat like in the gym. Therefore, first identify the various types of sports in this house.

1. Cardio

Cardio is a type of exercise at home that effectively burns fat and makes the body sweat. Walking on a treadmill with a certain speed becomes one of the easy cardio exercises. If you have a treadmill at home, this exercise can be an option. Cardio is very diverse, walking in the front yard of the house alone, is included in cardio sports. Jump rope is also included in the category of cardio that can be done at home. If you are not familiar, do it slowly to avoid injury.

2. Yoga

Even though yoga moves look easy, don’t underestimate the sport in this house. For anyone who has ever tried yoga, surely knows its effectiveness in burning fat and making the body sweat. The benefits of yoga not only have an impact on physical health, but also mentally. Some of the benefits of yoga such as maintaining the body’s metabolism, improve breathing, strengthen energy and vitality. In addition, the benefits of yoga for mental health is to prevent stress and increase peace of mind in a tired mind.

3. Aerobics

Aerobic exercise is an attractive option to do at home, such as zumba. Usually, the aerobics instructor is in front of you during the session. Even in Spain, there is a gymnastics instructor who is willing to invite people around him, for sports. From the top of the building, he led the gymnastic movement which was followed by many Spaniards who were passionate about exercising on the balcony. Just like yoga, it turns out that aerobic exercise can also relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.In several studies, aerobics has succeeded in reducing symptoms in people with depression and anxiety disorders.

4. Push-up

Sports at home this one does not require any tools, because it only utilizes your weight. Because, push-ups become one of the sports that make weight as a “tool” to strengthen yourself. Push-ups are the right exercise if you want to strengthen your upper body, such as your chest. If done every day, look at the differences in the shape of your chest that has the potential to become more broad.