Can Soap Kill Germs and Bacteria?

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The hand is one part of the body that is susceptible to bacteria or germs that cause diseases that are not visible to the eye. Most activities involve lots of hands to come in contact with other objects that may have different types of bacteria or germs.

What kind of soap is effective for killing germs or bacteria?

Any type of soap can kill germs or bacteria, because soap has two sides of the molecule, where one side will be attracted to water while the other side will be attracted to fat. So, when the soap molecule comes in contact with water and fat, it destroys the fat layer, so the fat particles dissolve and blend with water. Well, this condition is where bacteria or bacteria will be eradicated and disappear. However, the process of breaking down fat particles in germs or bacteria takes time, which is about 20 seconds.

When is the right time to wash your hands?

  1. Before and after eating
  2. After handling dirty objects
  3. After the bathroom
  4. After coughing or sneezing
  5. After doing activities from outside the house
  6. Before sleeping

how to wash hands properly

  • Wet hands with running water warm or cold, then turn off the tap and apply soap
  • Rub the entire part of the hand slowly for at least 20 seconds, starting from the back of the hand, the palm of the hand, between the fingers, to the bottom of the nail until it is clean.
  • After that, rinse your hands again using clean running water
  • Then dry your hands with a cloth, tissue, handkerchief or clean towel

what if there is no soap and also clean water?

If there is no soap or clean water around, you can use hand sanitizers to clean your hands sanitizers. Then after finding water and soap, you should immediately clean your hands. If your hands get irritated, you can use alcohol-free wet wipes to clean your hands instead of using hand sanitizers.