What Almost No One Knows About

The Immigrant Problem in California

California now has more immigrants more than it ever has. But do you know that immigrants are also becoming a serious problem in California most especially if you talk about the illegal immigrants who are not applying for residency. Being a lawful immigrant is not really a serious problem because as long as you follow the right legal procedures, you can cause no negative impact to the state.

Matters of Unemployment

Many state residents are complaining about illegal immigrants these days because these people are only contributing to the unemployment rate of the citizens. You can really say that the unemployment rate is greatly affected because of the unlawful immigrants because they are taking away or stealing the jobs of the lawful immigrants and all the other citizens of the state. When the residents are unable to work in their own country because the illegal immigrants are hindering them from doing so, this can really be a bad thing for the state. Therfore, if you don’t want to be a part of the problem relating to the increase in the unemployment rate in California, you should learn about applying to be a lawful immigrant when moving.

The Tax Problem

The tax problem is also very evident these days because most of the unlawful immigrants are not taxpayers and yet they are still enjoying benefits that they are not entitled to. Lawful immigrants in California are legal residents which mean that they are really applying for residency and they are taxpayers who are doing things in accordance with the law. However, when you talk about illegal immigrants, almost all of them are not paying taxes since they are not legal residents, to begin with. If you are planning to migrate to California, learn about applying for residency first so that you will never contribute to the tax problem.

Immigrant Children

The children may be innocent but if they are born from unlawful immigrant parents, they can also cause a negative stir to the taxpayers in California. The government can really be crippled with these children born from illegal immigrants because since they are born in the state, they automatically become citizens and are thus entitled to free education, healthcare, and all other benefits even though their parents do not at all contribute by paying tax. This is one of the main reasons why the government should really be strict about the legal state of the immigrants so that they will never be a burden to the taxpayers anymore. Click here now if you are hoping to learn about applying for proper citizenship as well as a residency in order for you to be a lawful immigrant.

Unlawful immigrants can really cause serious problems to the state and its residents so as much as possible, you should never contribute to the problem and make it a goal to be a lawful immigrant. The very first thing that you need to consider when you are hoping to migrate is to learn about applying for legal citizenship as well as residency because that is how you can be a lawful immigrant. Another good thing about you trying to learn about applying the proper immigration procedures is that you can now make sure that you will be able to enjoy many other benefits that you can never enjoy as an unlawful immigrant.