Benefits of Omega 3 for Child Growth and Brain Function

Every parent, especially the mother, naturally strives to make the child grow visionary with optimal cognitive function. To help your child achieve a bright future, you must provide nutrients that play a role in the development of his brain. One such nutrient is omega-3, which includes DHA and EPA and is contained in fish oil.

The benefits of fish oil to support children who are smart and grow brilliantly

Meeting the needs of omega-3s for children is certainly not without reason. Various studies have linked that omega-3s are believed to improve children’s brain function, especially those related to learning, memory, and brain development. In addition, taking omega-3 supplements early will help prepare for the child’s future, especially when entering school age.

Fish oil can improve children’s memory

According to a study published in the journal Nutrients, children who consume foods high in omega-3s successfully improve memory and verbal learning abilities. The study was conducted involving 183 children for six months.

The best source of fish oil for children

Because DHA and EPA help to improve your child’s brain function, make sure you choose healthy foods for him. As the name suggests, fish oil rich in DHA and EPA can be obtained from a number of fish and sea food. High fish with fish oil content is called fatty fish.

Some of these fishes, including:

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Makarel

Fish oil contains omega-3 DHA and EPA, essential nutrients. That is, these nutrients cannot be produced by our own bodies. To get omega-3 fatty acids, can be served with healthy seafood above.

Some children may find it very difficult to eat healthy fatty fish above. Even so with other omega-3 sources. As a solution, you can discuss with your doctor to get DHA and EPA from supplements. Fish oil supplements can be an option to accompany the growth of Little because of the omega-3 content to help stimulate cognitive function.

Tips on choosing the best fish oil supplement for children

Because of the many fish oil supplement products for children, you might be confused in choosing the best and good for children. Here are tips you need to look at:

  1. Make sure the supplement contains both DHA and EPA
    Omega-3 in fish oil consists of several types, namely DHA, EPA, and ALA. So as not to choose the wrong, look for supplements that contain DHA and EPA as well as Cerebrofort Gold Syrup so that the benefits of omega-3 can be felt optimally by children.
  2. Choose supplements with the best omega-3 sources
    Fish oil supplements use certain food sources as a basic ingredient. Not all omega-3 sources have the same value. In choosing the best fish oil products for children, you can look for fish oil supplements that are equipped with various vitamins and essential minerals for the child’s growth and development. Cerebrofort Gold contains DHA, AA, EPA, folic acid, lysine, and various vitamins needed by children during their lifetime. growth.
  3. Read the rules of use and expiration date
    For optimal absorption of nutrients from fish oil supplements, make sure you pay attention to the rules of use, dosage, and expiration date of the product purchased. For Children aged 1-6 years, give Cerebrofort Gold 1 teaspoon once a day. Meanwhile, for ages 6-12 years, can be given 1 teaspoon twice a day.