Everything You Need to Know About ESTA for Finnish Citizens

People who live in visa waiver countries can apply for travel authorization to the United States. If you want to travel to the US as a Finnish passport holder, you can do so easily as you apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA visa waiver. The ESTA allows Finnish citizens to visit the US for business, tourism, medical, transit, and short-study purposes without any visa until a maximum of 90 days per visit. Finland is one of the countries added by the US in its Visa Waiver Program in the year 1991. Nevertheless, pre-screening of travelers is vital before they arrive to the United States for security reasons like addressing terrorism threats.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization was created in the year 2009 to streamline the process of screening visa waiver applications. It was also created for the Department of Homeland Security and the US Customs and Border Protection to pre-screen travelers from their criminal, no-fly, and terrorist list databases. Therefore, beginning 2009, citizens from Finland are only allowed entry to the US if they obtain an approval from their ESTA application. If a Finnish citizen, however, is ineligible for ESTA or denied it, wishes to visit the US beyond 90 days, or want to travel for purposes not stated by the ESTA, they may have to apply for the most applicable US visa for their case.

If you want to apply for ESTA as a Finnish citizen, you need to apply online. You can only board by sea vessel or air to the United States with an approved ESTA, and it must be applied before departure for about 72 hours. For you to apply for ESTA online, make sure that you can present an electronic passport that is not expired and valid. Before ESTA application, carefully review every detail and requirements of the ESTA. For more FAQs about the ESTA, take the time to check their official websites.

As a Finnish citizen, after getting ESTA application approval, you still don’t have the same level of rights as holders of US visas. The thing about US visa applications is that applicants must submit a more detailed application form they call DS-160. Furthermore, attending an interview at the US embassy or consulate is vital for these applicants. Depending on the kind of US visa these travelers will get, they also need to provide additional documents that prove how genuine they are for their travel purpose and plans before going to the country.

Before you travel to the US, at least 72 hours before departure, you must make sure to submit your ESTA application. When your ESTA application is rejected, you have the option to apply for either B1 Business Visa or a B2 Tourist Visa. Even if your ESTA is approved, it can still be revoked anytime. Furthermore, getting approval for your ESTA is no guarantee for admission to the US.

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