Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant? A Wish Unfulfilled

If you have a wish for a child and you are not pregnant after the first few months of trying, you don’t worry about it right away, because you have only just started. The longer it takes, however, the more difficult it becomes to stay at ease and confident.

At some point, you do get worried and you decide to see your family doctor. 

When, eventually, the examination results have arrived and the doctor tells you that there is no chance of a natural pregnancy, or that the chances are reduced, you probably prefer that this message had passed you by.

The romantic idea of having a baby is disrupted and the sharp mental image of starting a family together becomes blurred. Perhaps you start to wonder, ‘What if it never happens?’

Fortunately, there are many different types of fertility nowadays that can increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Still, it is not how you expected to become pregnant.

Psychological challenge

There is a lot of progress made in the field of fertility treatments. These days you have different treatment plans like OI, IUI, IVF, ICSI. 

Despite all the progress, the highly improved methods are no guarantee that you

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